Coastal Route - 7 Day Kayak Expedition

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Good for Intermediate Paddlers.

The Coastal Route is 7 days and 50 miles of remote paddling filled with stunning beaches and amazing geology. We will have the opportunity to visit various small fishing camps and the amazing San Basilio Bay along the way. There will be ample time in the afternoon for beach combing, seeing marine mammals and wildlife, visit indigenous cave paintings, swimming and snorkeling, and desert hikes. This route will bring us to a new campsite most nights. Weather permitting; we usually spend the last night on the stunningly beautiful Coronados Island. This is a terrific route for people who are looking to expand their paddling experience, and see some amazing sights along the way!

February 15 - 21, 2018

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Day 0: The day before we start our journey we spend the day preparing for the trip. Our first meeting is 12:00 pm (Noon) MST the afternoon prior to your trip at Cafe Ole (downtown Loreto). You will meet the guides and do a group shopping trip to purchase food and drink supples. The guides will help you with quantities, labels, and sourcing out ingredients for meals. From there we will load taxi vans and shuttle north to San Nicolas, have dinner (provided by the guides), and camp on the beach. This allows us to get a good start on the morning of day 1

Day 1 - 6: After breakfast and coffee, we will launch from San Nicolas. We'll spend about 3-5 hours paddling each day, moving campsites most nights and leaving lots of time to explore the coastline, snorkel, beach comb, and just relax. We will encounter giant headlands and some sea caves along the route with great beaches to stop for lunch or camp for the night. There are also remote cave paintings we can visit with an easy hike from the beach. On Day 5 we will cross over to Coronado Island and camp on the beautiful turquoise lagoon beach and explore this pristine island.

Day 7: After a more leisurely morning, we will paddle 2 hours right into Loreto. If we get slowed down by wind/weather, the trip may end 12 miles north of Loreto, in which case we'll taxi back to town. We'll end the day with a hot shower, fish tacos and a margarita at a local restaurant!

Participant Requirements

This trip is suitable for intermediate and confident beginner kayakers.  Each day you can expect 3 - 5 hours of paddling.

Meals on this trip are "Communally Catered"; that is, each guest and guide will be responsible for planning, purchasing and preparing a few meals for the group. This participatory system extends through all aspects of the tour, allowing each person to feel a part of the group, and helps us to continue to offer low-cost, rewarding and fun experiences.

On Day 0 (the day before the trip) we will have our pre-trip meet and greet, then our guides will take the group to the many local markets. Together we will do the shopping for the trip. Our guides are there to assist you every step of the way with menu planning, reading food labels in Spanish, purchasing the food, and assisting with the cooking and preparation.



Price Includes:

- All Kayaks and Equipment, all fiberglass kayaks [Necky, Nimbus, Seaward, Current Designs, Seda], choice of single or double kyaks, PFD, One 20L. Dry Bag
- Cooking Equipment
- Really Good Coffee, Tea, Drinking Water
- 2 Certified Guides (with a group of 6 or more)
- Guide's Emergency Gear: First Aid Kit, Flairs, VHF Radio, GPS, Satellite Phone
- Transport to and from the kayak lunch / pickup site

Price Doesn't Include:

- Flights to/from Loreto
- Taxi to/from Loreto Airport
- Meals and Accommodations in Loreto before/after your trip
- Personal Camping Equipment
- We share meal preparation and purchase, each guest provides a few meals for the group (depending on group size)
- Gratuity for guide (optional)


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